by Karl J. Kuerner

Much has been published about the artistically talented Wyeth family—-N. C., Andrew, Carolyn, Ann, Jamie, Nicky and Victoria—-but there has been scant insight into the deeply personal interface between these individuals and a group of persons that interacted with them, talked with them almost daily, shared intimate thoughts and moments with them and were taught and mentored by them: collectively the Kuerner family and specifically Karl Kuerner. This volume brings forth many instances over several decades that were paramount in the artistic learning and growth of a Brandywine Valley inheritor of the Wyeth legacy.


From the first meeting between Karl Kuerner and Carolyn Wyeth in 1970 until her death in 1994 and Andy’s passing in 2009 we are made privy to intimate conversations, discussions and anecdotes that have heretofore never been published. Carolyn recognized the talent that was hidden in the mind of Karl Kuerner almost from their first meeting and worked steadily to cultivate what has become a major artistic force.


Carolyn was the primary player in the grooming of Karl J. Kuerner but Andrew was also a moving presence along with Frolic Weymouth and several other Chadds Ford personae. Included in this reflective work are over 65 paintings, drawings and illustrations, many never before seen in print. There are images by Karl, Carolyn and Andy and of Karl’s great uncle, Christoph, from Germany.


This marvelously detailed account of an artist’s life is a must have for any student of the Wyeth family or for that matter any student of the Brandywine Valley and its rich history as an incubator of outstanding art and its creation.


2019, hard cover - gold stamped with dust jacket, 11" X 8½", heavily illustrated, full color, 128 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-892142-74-0


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Beyond The Art Spirit

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