Ike at Sea

by Karl J. Kuerner


Ike is at it again. Chadd’s Ford’s favorite little black cat has taken to the high seas. He disembarks from his dirigible into another wondrous adventure, this time afloat.

From his nightly walk to his soaring above the earth and now on an ocean voyage Ike, Karl Kuerner’s stray cat has delighted children throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware and beyond.


Another gentle children’s book for young and old alike from the pen and brushes of Mr. Kuerner, this little volume will delight anyone who has ever shared—or is sharing—a special relationship with their pet. If you have ever wondered what is happening in their minds when your dog or cat drifts off on one of his or her frequent naps, this book will provide a clue.


In this third volume in the series, Karl Kuerner has turned dreams into to images, thoughts into words and a sixteen-painting-triptych with accompanying text has emerged describing one day’s imagined journeys of a little black cat.


2014, soft cover, 8½” x 8½”, full color, 40 pages
ISBN 978-1-892142-61-0


Also available from Cedar Tree Books


Ike At Sea

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