Ike Takes Flight

by Karl J. Kuerner


Ike Takes Flightis the sequel to Karl Kuerner’s overwhelmingly popular Ike at Night, all about a stray black cat that wandered into Karl’s life unannounced, but certainly not unwelcome.


Ike is at it again, This time his wanderings take him far above the Chester County woodlands that he traipsed through in his last adventure, Ike at Night.

Come along for the ride of your life, soaring above the clouds with Chadds Ford’s most lovable black cat. Ike dreamily takes you and several of his friends along in his hot air balloon. Over hill and dale, above the valleys below, you will soar to new heights. Fly with the birds through clouds, rain, fireworks and fog until your journey comes to an end in wakeful bliss.


Ike’s delightful antics unfold in his dreams, fascinating young and old alike. Won’t you join us?


2012, soft cover, 8½” x 8½”, full color, 40 pages
ISBN 978-1-892142-53-5


Also available from Cedar Tree Books

Ike Takes Flight

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