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The Mentoring of a Young Artist by Carolyn Wyeth and Her Brother Andrew

by Karl J. Kuerner

Much has been published about the artistically talented Wyeth family—-N. C., Andrew, Carolyn, Ann, Jamie, Nicky and Victoria—-but there has been scant insight into the deeply personal interface between these individuals and a group of persons that interacted with them, talked with them almost daily, shared intimate thoughts and moments with them and were taught and mentored by them: collectively the Kuerner family and specifically Karl Kuerner. This volume brings forth many instances over several decades that were paramount in the artistic learning and growth of a Brandywine Valley inheritor of the Wyeth legacy.

From the first meeting between Karl Kuerner and Carolyn Wyeth in 1970 until her death in 1994 and Andy’s passing in 2009 we are made privy to intimate conversations, discussions and anecdotes that have heretofore never been published. Carolyn recognized the talent that was hidden in the mind of Karl Kuerner almost from their first meeting and worked steadily to cultivate what has become a major artistic force.

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by Karl J. Kuerner

A short distance off U. S. Route 1 on Ring Road in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, sits the Kuerner farm. For decades, America’s most well-known artist, Andrew Wyeth, used this setting for hundreds of his paintings. Nestled in the quiet Delaware County countryside, the farm now provides the setting for America’s most promising young artist, Karl J. Kuerner.

Tutored by Carolyn Wyeth and mentored by Andy, Karl is exhibiting the talent that has already brought him the acclaim of peers and recognition through one-man shows and other local and statewide exhibitions.

In this, his first book of collected works, we find the inspiration that permeates many of his paintings: His heritage as the son and grandson of a farming family. Drawn from memories of his youth, this heritage is evinced in the earthen-like images that are the hallmark of the Brandywine artist’s tradition.

This is a work to study. A work to enjoy.

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Paintings by Karl J. Kuerner 

With Essays by Bruce E. Mowday


Smitten from the beginning of their relationship, Ike's personality prompted Karl to dream about where Ike went and what Ike did on his nightly sojourns about the house and surrounding woods and fields. Dreams turned to images, thoughts turned to words and a sixteen-painting-triptych with accompanying text emerged describing one night's imagined journeys of a little black cat.

A gentle children's book for young and old alike, this little volume will delight anyone who has ever shared—or is sharing—a special relationship with their pet. If you have ever wondered what happens when your cat goes forth into the night, this little volume will provide you with one scenario and an opportunity to create more dreams of your own.

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